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this year we are working to help many children working for the poor children who live in extreme poverty in Peru especially in remote areas of the city, at Christmas day we organize a small meeting and give away toys.
We ask people clubs, organizations, etc., support us with some clothes, medicines, and so we will support poor children to smile

Now we are working as part of our mission to give back to the wonderful places we visit.   is our way of giving back organization funded by private donations. Peruvian Mountains collects transports and distributes supplies to areas in need on every Peruvian Mountains trip. We encourage members to take part in our project on their trip; participation is not a mandatory part of the itinerary. Group treks will have the opportunity to visit a local orphanage, medical clinic, or community center to donate needed supplies.



By backing the project, any gear you purchase through our site will automatically raise money for it, at no cost to you.

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