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Sure, we suck at making videos, but we make really useful software. 

Our Restwise software has helped athletes train smarter, perform better, and even realize their Olympic dreams. We've lost count of the number of titles and medals that Restwise athletes have won. That's been super fun (who doesn't like winning?). But now, with your help, we are in a position to do something much more meaningful - help change the lives of cancer survivors.

A recent study revealed that Restwise helps cancer survivors who exercise gain strength and fitness faster, increase emotional well-being and reengage socially.  Suddenly we have a chance to make a big difference in the lives of individuals who are trying to recover from a terrible disease. That’s huge!

Why this campaign?

In its current state, Restwise has been proven to work for cancer survivors, but it is still geared toward athletes. To make it even better for cancer survivors we need to evolve both our software and educational content to address the unique requirements of this community. We need money to do this, but we don’t want it to come from survivors. Instead, we want people whose lives have been affected by cancer - those who have lost friends and family and who therefore understand what it means to be diagnosed with the disease - to help others who have survived and who are fighting to recapture a normal life. 

Why not raise funds from investors?  Simple. That would come with pressure to maximize profits, which would ultimately mean building our company on the people who need our help the most. So we are trying this approach instead.

Where will your money go? Every dollar this effort nets will go to a scholarship fund, so cancer survivors can use Restwise for free. You can underwrite an individual by providing the recipient's email address or contribute to a general fund. At the end of the campaign, we will match every scholarship to really expand this program. The more survivors, the more feedback, the better Restwise will be!

The YMCA is preparing to roll out Restwise to facilities across the country that offer the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program, so there’s a good chance your contribution will provide Restwise to one of its participants. And if your local YMCA doesn't offer the LIVESTRONG program, talk with them about introducing it. It is a totally amazing resource for cancer survivors. 

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By backing the project, any gear you purchase through our site will automatically raise money for it, at no cost to you.

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