Endless Abilities

Newport, Rhode Island

About the Project

Our Mission

Just as all filmmakers do, we must ask ourselves, who is our target audience? For us, the answer has given meaning to this project from the beginning. 

Our singular purpose for Endless Abilities is to empower the lives of the physically disabled. Regardless of disability, age, gender, location, access, and wealth, we seek to educate and inspire our audiences through the power of sport. 

It may sound optimistic to surpass these physical barriers, but support from communities and advancement in technology has started a new era of ability. All across the country, more and more individuals are confronting and overcoming their disability.

Our story is theirs. And this story must reach its audience. Whether you've been an amputee for forty years, or in a wheelchair for forty minutes, this film will show that you have what it takes to become physically active. 

Who We Are

At first, we explored surfing, sailing, and skiing in New England but after a groundswell of local support, we decided to take our project cross-country in order to capture similar stories of triumph over adversity.

From early May to late June, our crew of four best friends will drive our modified mini-bus from our home in Rhode Island to California, leaving the cameras rolling at every step of the way. We plan to meet with the newly disabled, Paralympic athletes, and everyone in between. To name just a few sports, we will climb up mountains, raft down rivers, dive through oceans, and surf both coasts with individuals with many different types of physical disabilities. 

Our message is clear: Sports unite physically disabled and able-bodied individuals on a level playing field. While we all have different means of participating, we ultimately all share the same slope, road, wave, the same emotions of challenge, perseverance, and triumph. Our mission is to document the reality of broken boundaries and common goals among all who are active across this country. 

Crew Bios

Zachary Bastian was born and raised in Rhode Island. Living just a few miles from the beautiful beaches of the Narragansett Bay, Bastian is a product of his environment. From sailing with his family throughout New England before he could walk, Bastian has an immeasurable love and respect for New England. Bastian became a paraplegic his sophomore year of high school, now almost eight years ago. Bastian soon re-discovered surfing in San Diego. He has since returned to Rhode Island to pursue a career as a merchant mariner, and currently studies to earn his Captain’s license from the US Coast Guard. In addition, Bastian has returned to school to complete his undergraduate education, with a focus in adaptive recreation for the disabled. From spearheading the accessibility of Newport’s Harbor Shuttle, to empowering others from all across the country through Endless Abilities, Bastian has a strong future in creating equal opportunity for the disabled.

Will Humphrey brings essential experience from the worlds of both disability and sport to Endless Abilities. While skiing competitively during his high school years, Humphrey studied adaptive mono-skiing in New Hampshire, a sport he committed to learning by forfeiting the use of his legs for a week. For the past six summers, he has volunteered as a mentor and instructor at Shake-a-Leg/Sail-to-Prevail, an adaptive sailing center in Newport, RI. Humphrey now studies recreational therapy with emphasis on physical disability at the University of New Hampshire. With consistent dedication to Endless Abilities, Humphrey is now partner of Wind Powered Productions.

Harvey Burrell pursued his passion for filmmaking during his high school years. His experience in both television and film, Burrell continues to produce commercial, narrative, and documentary work after co-founding Wind Powered Productions three years ago. This past summer, Burrell worked at Piers Park Sailing Center in Boston Harbor, recognized by US Sailing as one of the nation’s best adaptive sailing centers. Burrell now majors in Economics and Film Theory at Vanderbilt University. Over the last two years, filmmaking has brought Burrell to Tibet, Venezuela and Canada.

Tripp Clemens united with Burrell as they shared a mutual passion for filmmaking in high school, and have since established Wind Powered Productions, a partnership committed to producing high quality films. Clemens shares his passion for working on the water with Bastian and Humphrey, as the three have worked to obtain their merchant mariner’s license from the US Coast Guard. From working on the set of a major motion picture, to studying Film Production and Business at Emerson College in Boston, Clemens sees the educational value in every experience.


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