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Petzl Tibloc Ascender
Raises $2.20

Petzl Tibloc Ascender

Brand: Petzl

This ultralight, multi-purpose rope grab is an ideal back-up for standard ascenders or for those who wish to travel as light as possible.
Eastern Mountain Sports
6.30% of your purchase will be given to Splore | Outdoor Adventures for Veterans
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Product Description

com with any questions. The Petzl Tibloc is the smallest and lightest ascender on the market. 37oz Standards: CE prEN 567, UIAA Note that this item of climbing safety equipment is non-returnable. You can use it as an ascender, as part of an anti-return hauling system, as part of a simple pulley system, or to climb a rope. This is an emergency rope clamp / grab which you should always keep close at hand. The Tibloc is light enough to carry as an emergency item but useful and durable enough to use on every outing. Rope diameter: 8-11mm (3/8"-7/16") Weight: 39g / 1. Requires a locking carabiner with a round or oval cross section like that of the Petzl Attach. Read all warnings and instructions before use. Please call us toll free at 877-236-8428 or e-mail [email protected] Multipurpose ascender for pulley systems, ascending or aiding a second. It will get you out of many difficult situations. For use on single ropes from 8 to 11 mm. Features an attachment hole for a keeper cord. Excellent piece for crevasse rescue if larger ascenders are not carried. Does not damage the kern of the rope if used properly. Compact design for fast and light pursuits. Chrome-plated steel with inclined teeth to enhance grip on wet, icy, or muddy ropes. CE EN 567 certified. A small rope clamp/grab for emergency use. . .

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