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MSR Women's Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

MSR Women's Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

Brand: Msr

For women or those with a narrow gait, there is the women's Lightning Ascent snowshoe

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Product Description

For women, people with a narrow gait, or anyone just looking for the lightest possible snowshoes MSR designed the women's specific version of the Lightning Ascent. MSR's Lightning Ascent snowshoes are more versatile than ever thanks to the addition of the optional Modular Floation tails. Available in men's and womens models, they feature a Total-Traction framemade from one vertical blade of aerospace-grade aluminumthat delivers unprecedented 360a traction. They are also fitted with dual-component, PosiLock AT bindings for the most secure attachment, and aggressive Pivot Crampons and easily-engaged Ergo Televators give you traction every step of the way. Unrivaled TractionTotal: Traction frame delivers unprecedented 360a grip. Secure Attachment: Two-piece, independent PosiLock AT bindings for a secure, freeze-resistant attachment Unmatched Adaptability: New Modular Flotation tails allow you to use smaller shoes for better maneuverability with the optional addition of these 5-inch tails Uphill Efficiency: Ergo Televators reduce fatigue and help with traction on the steep slopes 25 22 Color Sky Blue, Graphite Sky Blue, Graphite Weight per pair 3 lbs 10 oz / 1640 g 3 lbs 8 oz / 1580 g Width 7.25 in / 18 cm 7.25 in / 18 cm Length 25 in / 64 cm 22 in / 56 cm Binding type PosiTrack AT PosiTrack AT Televator X X Gait Women's/narrow Women's/narrow Footwear size range 4.5 W - 14 W / 35.5 - 48 4.5 W - 14 W / 35.5 - 48 Load 120 - 210 lbs / 54 - 95 kilos Up to 180 lbs / Up to 80 kilos Load w/ tails 120 -270 lbs / 54 - 123 kilos Up to 240 lbs / Up to 109 kilos Country of Origin Made in Seattle, USA Made in Seattle, USA

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