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MSR Base 2 Pot Set

MSR Base 2 Pot Set

Brand: Msr

Perfect for backcountry gourmets, the MSR Base 2 pot set equips you with the cookware needed to create scrumptious meals.

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Product Description

MSR's Base 2 Pot Set is perfect for those who love cooking but hate doing the dishes. 75 in / 19. 75 in / 19. 7 cm Weight 1 lbs 0. 7 cm Diameter 7. 7 cm. 7 cm. 5L nonstick aluminum pot, strainer lid, Talon pot handle, and a PackTowl to prevent scratches when packed. 5L nonstick aluminum pot, 2. 5L nonstick aluminum pot Strainer Lid Talon pot handle Packtowl (to prevent scratches when packed) Compact: Efficient nesting design saves valuable pack room. 5L nonstick aluminum pot 2. 2 oz / 459 g. 2 oz / 459 g. Weight: 1 lbs 0. Throw these nested MSR pots in your pack and have a versatile MSR cookset on your next backpacking or camping trip. Room inside pots allow you to pack mugs, plates, stove, and other kitchen essentials to save pack space. Modular: Add Deep Dish plates and insulated mugs (sold separately), or customize it to suit your needs. Made in Thailand. MSR Base 2 Pot Set is a pair of nesting nonstick aluminum cooking pots perfect for any backpacking excursion. Includes: 1. Includes: 1. Height: 5 in / 12. Height 5 in / 12. Easy Clean-Up: Scratch-resistant, nonstick aluminum surface. Diameter: 7. They're made with a non-stick, scratch-resistant coating. The compact design is very pack friendly, and it's modular so there's room inside for adding mugs and plates to customize your kitchen without taking up more room in your pack. It's the perfect size and weight for use camping or hiking the backcountry

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