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Line Tac Ski Poles

Line Tac Ski Poles

Brand: Line

The Tac is shorter than your dad's pole but still probably longer than your tall-tee, and all about park. The Tac has the smallest grip ever, is super light, and best of all affordable. So they won't get in the way but are cheap to replace when you c...

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Product Description

comThe simplest, lightest, most affordable stick with the smallest basket & SKINNIEST GRIP IN THE WORLD!!!Key Features of the Line Tac Ski Poles: Soft foam grip 22mm dia. comJib ninja's weapon of choice. Park skiers are always lookingfor a light and affordable pole. You'll forget you have sticks in your hands! Shorter than your dad's poles, but still longer than your tall tee, the Line Tac ski pole is the simplest, lightest, most functionally affordable stick, with the smallest basket & skinniest, cushiest, grippiest grip in the world! Key Features of the Line Tac Ski Poles: Skinniest 22mm foam grip in the world Light & strong 6,000 Series Aluminum Simple 20mm strap webbing Smallest 48m diameter baskets Point is pointy Need to cut them down? Just unscrew the strap & cut right through the grip. The foam grip is 22mm in diameter, and the basket wont get caught up in your ultra baggy pants since it is only 50mm. The Line Tac is the lightest pole with the skinniest grip in the world, with the smallest basket. Simple, straightforward, and affordable, the Line Tac Ski Poles are a ski bum's delight. Line Tac Ski Poles on sale at TightBoards. Line Tac Ski Poles on sale at TightBoards. Light weight 6,000 Aluminum Adjustable strap webbing 20mm 50mm minimalistic basket Point is pointier than the grip 175g of dankness (105cm/40” length). Built with an aluminum shaft, soft foam grip, and 50mm baskets, these poles are more than equipped to handle the abuses of the park. And if you feel like you need to cut them down, just unscrew the strap and cut through the grip. Short, inexpensive and light, that is the way to go when you are looking for something steezy like the Line Tac. Plus, if you feel like you need to cut them down, just unscrew the strap and cut through the grip. Don't break the bank on your pointy sticks, instead check out he Line Tac Ski Poles. . .

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