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DAKINE Torque Driver
Raises $0.43

DAKINE Torque Driver

Brand: Dakine

Be prepared on the slopes or in the backcountry with this pocket-sized ratcheting tool with screwdriver and wrenches.
Reg: 9.95  $5.95
7.20% of your purchase will be given to Paradox Sports
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Product Description

With storage for your bits and screws, this tuning tool is perfect to throw in your bag for any trip. """. This tool comes with all the bits you would need to tighten a binding or adjust a buckle. The Dakine Torque Driver fits in your pocket or pack so you can make adjustments on the fly or in the backcountry. Plus, this accessory fits easily in your pocket so you don't have to run all the way to your car or to the bottom of the lift to fix what you need. Key Features of the Dakine Torque Driver: 6 piece ratchet driver #2 and #3 phillips #3 posidrive 3/32" hex 1/4" flat head 8mm and 10mm wrench. Keep the DAKINE Torque Driver handy to prevent major on-hill bummers caused by loose hardware. Includes everything you need to set up and adjust just about any snowboard binding on the market. For the friend whose binding is always loose or for when you and your buddy want to swap skis for a run, the Torque Driver from Dakine is there to make it happen. Features: 6 piece ratchet driver#2 and #3 Phillips#3 posidriver3/32 hex1/4 flat head8mm and 10mm wrench2300200. Dakine Torque Driver Keep the Dakine Torque Driver handy so you never have to leave the mountain to adjust or fix your setup. Dakine Torque Driver. Convenient!. "The Dakine Torque Driver is the multitool you need for on-the-fly adjustments to your skis and snowboard. #2 and #3 phillips #3 pozidrive 3/32" hex 1/4" flat head 8mm and 10mm wrench .

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