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Black Diamond Lockdown Leash
Raises $1.10

Black Diamond Lockdown Leash

Brand: Black Diamond

The Black Diamond Lockdown Leash is a lightweight and straight-forward leash for your ice axe or ice tool. A slipknot keeps the leash snug on your wrist and it loosens with a simple pull or hooking over your hammer or adze. The leash is rated to 2 kn ... (more!)
Climb High
Reg: 17.95  $15.26
7.20% of your purchase will be given to Soldiers to Summits
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Product Description

A simple, classic and secure attachment for your ice tools, the Black Diamond Lockdown Leash uses a slipknot configuration to keep you comfortably connected to nearly any technical tool. 7 kN (600 lbf)Weight : 58 g (2 oz). This Black Diamond leash attaches to the head of any technical ice tool, and allows you to plunge your shaft into steep snow without releasing. The wrist loop opens to free your hand so you can place ice screws, and it allows you back in easily. The slipknot attachment tightens when weighted and easily loosens by hooking and pulling the attached loop. The padded wrist strap evenly distributes weight, providing all-day comfort. Just hook the Lockdown Leash's open loop over your tool's hammer or adze and pull down. Compatible with any technical ice toolPadded wrist strap for comfort and even weight distributionSlip-knot configuration tightens when weighted; release by hooking and pulling loop with hammer or adzeRated to 2 kNStrength : 2. Compatible with any technical ice tool Padded wrist strap for comfort and even weight distribution Slip-knot configuration tightens when weighted; release by hooking and pulling loop with hammer or adze Rated to 2 kN. Black Diamond designed the Lockdown Leash with a simple sliding release that allows one-handed use and makes it a great choice for both steep ice and alpine climbing.

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