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Black Diamond ATC Belay Device
Raises $0.81

Black Diamond ATC Belay Device

Brand: Black Diamond

Lightweight and easy to use, the Black Diamond ATC belay device offers smooth handling while you're belaying and rappelling.
4.50% of your purchase will be given to Splore | Outdoor Adventures for Veterans
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Product Description

Often copied but never equaled, the Black Diamond ATC provides lightweight and durable belaying and rappelling performance anytime, anywhere. Minimalist, easy-to-use design is well suited for a wide variety of climbing situationsLarge surface area dissipates heat while lowering or rappellingDurable cable holds its shape and resists getting caught between ropes,. 7-11 mm rope and to hold falls more easily, its extensive surface area dissipates heat effectively when lowering or rappelling. 7 mm to 11 mm. 1 oz. Weight: 60g or 2. This classic design features a large surface area that dissipates heat when lowering or rappelling, and the smooth-handling geometry accommodates rope sizes from 7. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, which is why you won't find the Black Diamond ATC griping about the wannabes. The ATC can now be ordered in specific colors. Security is key and climbers have been depending on the Black Diamond ATC for years on end. Often copied but never equaled, the Black Diamond ATC belay device provides lightweight yet durable belaying and rappelling performance anytime, anywhere. Its simple and elegant design provides smooth and kink free belaying, lowering, and rappelling. Dual rope ports for single or double rope rappelling. Designed for 7. Built to handle ropes ranging in diameter from 7. Black Diamond's ATC is the classic modern lightweight belay/rappel device. Black Diamond ATC Belay Device has long been the industry standard for belay rappel devices. Available Color(s): Platinum. And weighing in at a slim 60 grams, it's a must-have addition to your harness. 7mm to 11mm, this simple but functional device handles belaying and rappelling with kink-free ease. * Main photo is Purple. . .

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