Frequently Asked Questions

How is ActiveBacker different than regular crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter?

Instead of Backers supporting Projects by giving money to them directly, Backers instead shop for outdoor gear, and everything they purchase raises money for your Project at no extra cost to the Backer. The Backer is able to find the lowest price on their gear while supporting a great cause.

We have over a million prices on gear from over 75 outdoor retailers. Our site also helps bring awareness to your by Project by exposing it to users coming from search enginess to purchase gear.

How much does it cost? Do I have to reach a goal to keep my money?

We don't charge any fees, and we don't have a minimum goal amount you have to reach to keep your money. The money you raise is all yours.

Who can start a Project?

Anybody who has an outdoor or environmental related cause or organization. It doesn't necessarily have to be a non-profit, but if your a company of some sort (i.e. not an individual) - you'll likely need to be a non-profit. We manually approve each Project by hand.

How long can I run my Project?

You can keep your project on the site as long as you want.

What do I need to start a Project?

- Information about what you are trying to do.
- Photos or a video about your Project.

How will I get paid?

We will send you a check, PayPal, or use your existing donation platform (if you have one) everytime your balance becomes higher than $100, once a month.

How does ActiveBacker make money?

When someone purchases gear, we get a kick back from the retailer (typically 10-15% of the purchase price). We give 90% of that kickback to the Campaign, and 10% to ourselves.